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115 SW Ellsworth St
Downtown Albany, OR



613 NW Hickory St
Suite 110
North Albany, OR



M - Sat   11:30 a - 4 p


M - Sat   4 p - 9 p

Black Forest Den:

M - Th   11:30 a - 10 p

Fri - Sat   11:30 a - 11 p


Th - Sat   11:30 a - 6 p

Other times by Appointment Only


Owner :
     Janicé Myers, Chef
House Manager:
     Rachel Parks
Bar Manager:
     Ian Parks


      Justin Williams

 The diverse beauty of Oregon offers the volcanic ranges of the Cascades, studded mountain's of old growth forests, the rugged Pacific Coast line and stretches of lush farm land. At Grazing Oregon Charcuteries we've cultivated relationships with farmers throughout our State and around the World. Our culinary expertise features fresh produce, honey varieties, aged butchered meats, and specialty cheeses - each personally selected by the Chef to support small craft businesses. We look forward to bringing you the many beautiful flavors of Oregon and the World directly to your table.  

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Tim G.

If you want an exciting and delicious dining option, I highly recommend Grazing Oregon.I ordered A Ghost of the Forest old-fashioned cocktail and it was quite delicious. I am a fan of the old-fashioned style of cocktail and this is a nice interpretation of the genre. The subtle pine notes made for a tasty and surprising experience. I am a picky eater and there was nothing here that I didn't like. Enjoyable, fresh, interesting and worthy of return visits.

Angela R.

I can't even begin to describe what a fantastic meal we had here. High quality meats, cheeses, fruits, olives and all with a story about why they were hand picked to be a part of the menu. I don't even really like cheese yet I found myself debating which cheese I liked the best because they were all so good. Also great prices on wonderful wines and a ridiculously good dessert. Can't wait to go back again.

Tamara Y.

I am in love with charcuterie and when we discovered this place a few min from our new home I was stoked to try it! After a super long day and dinner I asked my husband to stop by for a night cap. We ordered the specialty drinks and a small veggie board. Blown away by the quality. Best drinks we've had in forever and the board was the quality of a 5 star NYC cheese board. I have lived in all over the US and the quality of ingredients they use is the best I've seen.
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